We regret to inform you that as of February 2018 you will no longer have the possibility to order your Facebook Journals through us. Our beloved printing partner has been purchased by another company and we are without printer. For those of you who have been looking forward to ordering your Journal for 2017 we have created an interim solution, so you will be able to order 2017 as long as you do so before end of January 2018.

A great big fat thank you to our customers throughout the years!

Your memories and stories created into a journal

While you may be too busy to keep a journal, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. We’ve discovered a way to turn your posts into an elegant journal quite worthy of a spot on your coffee table.

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Timeless design

The design of #MY 365 is clean, pure, elegant and Nordic. The journals are printed on the highest quality paper. Once you have one, you will want to have one every year.

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Your journal is unique in that it eliminates all the noise from your Facebook page and leaves you with the posts that matter- yours.

Our printer has over 30 years of experience and uses the best digital printing technology there is today – HP Indigo.

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Your journal can be 365 entire pages; plenty of space for your posts and pictures. If you run out of space, our engine will hide posts that are less significant- the ones with fewer likes.

Your journal in only a few clicks

MY 365 DAYS IN PRINT makes it easy for you to create a personal and beautiful journal. Just connect, preview and order – that’s it. #MY 365 filters out the noise from your Facebook page and leaves you with your posts, elegantly and logically arranged.

  • connect

  • preview & edit

  • order

  • enjoy

69 € + shipping

We accept all major credit cards and ship to 34 countries.

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Customize your journal

Even though #MY 365 is quick and simple to use, you may want to make some
changes before printing - easily, of course. Here’s how it works.

Pick your cover

Pick a title and choose the color of your cover: Peppermint, Old Blue, 365 Grey, Champagne Pink or Cream White.


Our engine automatically highlights your most important posts based on likes. These posts are printed in a larger font to stand out. You can highlight or un-highlight posts yourself.


If there are posts or images you prefer to keep out of your journal, you easily can hide them. Don't worry, they will not be removed from Facebook.

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Memories and what we leave behind....

My mother read my grandmother's handwritten diaries in 2013 and saw her mother in a different light. This, along with other factors, made me think about what I leave behind for my daughters and (hopefully, one day) their children. Many of us lead very hectic and busy lives and keeping a journal might not be realistic (at least it is not for me).

What is saved from your life?

Pia Knoester

Founder & CEO image description
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Helping others

We believe that everybody has the right to learn how to read and write, and we are strong supporters of education so thinking about our journal; it seems more than right to support education.
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With every order of MY 365 DAYS IN PRINT 1€ is donated to a charity that supports education by building schools, supplying school materials and training teachers.

The first charity organization we’ve selected is the Faso Foundation from The Netherlands.


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69€ + shipping We accept all major credit cards and ship to 34 countries.