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My 365 Days In Print is a team of creative and design-minded individuals with a lot of faith that anything is possible as long as you are passionate about it.

For me, it’s been a very exciting journey, starting a company next to an already quite full life. To all of you who have helped me create My 365 Days In Print, thank you for believing!

Pia Knoester
Founder & CEO

the team

Mios Digital Agency (Partner in My 365 Days In Print)

I have known Mikael (Micke) Östling (CEO) and his team at Mios Digital Agency for many years, they are a group of very talented web developers. Therefore it was natural that I asked Micke for advice in my search for someone who could create my application for My 365 Days In Print. Micke, found my idea so appealing that he wanted Mios Digital Agency to do it- create the website, the application, the service. Micke’s business partner Joakim (Jocke) Beijar was somewhat more skeptical to the idea, however, after a long process he too was in for the challenge. Jocke is a master programmer and a coder genius. Inga Gudoniene is a super talented web designer and style conscious young lady who knew exactly what kind of look I wanted for the site. Johann Höglund is the web producer who makes sure that it works behind the scenes. Johann’s passion for photography came in handy when we needed photos for our teaser site urgently.

Agency Leroy

Agency Leroy was the crème de la crème of design agencies on my list and I was scared to even meet them, knowing that my budget was pretty much non-existent. I went for it anyway, and Agency Leroy simply understood everything and delivered so much more than I have paid for. Christa Björkstam (graphic designer and partner in Agency Leroy) and Monika Nars (CEO) became team members because they loved my idea and concept. Monika handpicked Christa to head our design project and Christa has been spot on with everything she has created for us, which is our graphic identity and our print material. She is good, she is real good. Staffan Sundström (photographer), Agency Leroy’s super-duper talented photographer, instantly understood what type of pictures we needed to illustrate what we are about- timeless style, elegance and design. The day of the photo shoot was, without a doubt, one of the most enjoyable days in my working life. It was creative mayhem in the hands of an energetic, talented, capable, devoted and creative company. Visiting them is like coming home. Agency Leroy continues to be our creative partner and friend.


After sourcing the world for a printing company that could actually print the journals, I found the perfect match for us- Finepress in Turku, Finland. A family owned printing house with a long history. CEO Eero Kunnas, who is in his seventies, was very excited about My 365 Days In Print from the get go, and although he’s not a Facebooker, he wanted a journal and he wanted the box that the journal is packed in. Eero’s daughter Suvi Arola and Finepress’ Sales Manager Marko Kirsiaro proved to be invaluable additions to our dream team and have done more than we agreed on and continue to do so.


My university friend Laurine Van Kampen was willing to do all the copywriting for us, for free! As a start-up with little means one cannot argue against these kinds of offers, especially not when they come from such talented people as Laurine. She jumped on board as if she’s been part of this from the very beginning, and I am honored and grateful for that. Thank you Laurine, you rock!

Parad Media

One of the coolest production companies I know is Parad Media, a Finnish company full of talent and international success. I was lucky enough to catch their attention and mercy. Parad Media has made all our moving material. High five.

Contribution - The Faso Foundation

Laurine’s husband Jan Jaap van Kampen is on the board of a voluntary benefit association called Stichting Faso, The Faso Foundation. Voluntary in the sense that none of the people active in the foundation are reimbursed for the work they do. The foundation is small enough to make transparency possible and keep overhead costs low. We have agreed that the money raised by us will be used to fund educational purposes. The more journals we make, the more The Faso Foundation will be able to achieve in Burkina Faso. You can read more about the Foundation on the Social Responsibility page. Currently their website is only in Dutch- time and resources are spent on the reason for being, i.e. making a difference in the Midebdo region of Burkina Faso.

Peter Meller – Our Box Supplier

Peter really stepped up to the plate and did what few others would, he was flexible with order quantities.

What needs to be mentioned here is that all these companies have supported My 365 Days In Print by offering us what I call ‘Robin Hood’ prices. To get that kind of support as a small start-up is more than fantastic, and I am truly grateful. I know that the charity part of what we’re doing has been a spark for all of my partners. It seems today everybody wants to be part of helping. We start here.

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