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We believe that everyone has the right to learn to read and write, and we believe that everyone can contribute to somebody else's 365 days. Since My 365 Days In Print is about creating a journal and saving our personal histories, we feel that it is very appropriate that for each journal sold, 1€ goes to educational development. We hope to make better futures that, in turn, become better histories.

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A friend is on the board of a charity we believe in- The Faso Foundation, established to develop the community in Burkina Faso. In particular, they are focused on building and further developing schools. It feels safe to work with a foundation to which we are closely connected. We want to be certain that the funds raised go where they should go. The photo on our site was taken in the Midebdo area of older students taking part in a lesson there. Once we have raised substantial capital to donate to the Faso Foundation, we will search for other small foundations and organizations that are focusing on supporting educational development where it is needed.

Below you can read more about the Faso Foundation. They have their own website, but currently it is only in Dutch.

The Faso Foundation ( was established by Cees Boekelo in 2001 when his son, then a student, was on a foreign exchange in Burkina Faso. Cees Boekelo’s son told his father about his experiences and a foundation was set up. They began by fixing the roof of a local school and giving away pens. A year later, they built a water pump next to the makeshift school. The Foundation now focuses on one area (Midebdo) and does ‘community development’. This includes building schools, water pumps, donating seeds for crops, providing micro-finance, and pretty much anything the Mayor or school directors ask for to develop the community. All the while taking careful measures to make sure the money is spent as is meant to be. The Faso Foundation’s goal for 2014/15 is expanding the existing school to include a full secondary curriculum. Nobody at the Faso Foundation is paid, and the organization consists of 8 or 9 people- all volunteers.

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