My Story

My first journal was a padded, square, beige book with a picture of a cat, and it had one of those small heart-shaped locks. Every evening I wrote in it fiercely. As the years went by, other interests took over, and I stopped keeping a journal. 

After my first daughter was born in 2009 I lost myself and my creativity. I became a control freak who was the perhaps not the nicest wife, mother, friend or daughter. In September 2013 I started re-building myself. I found my creativity again.

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Ever since my children were born, the one place I would vent, the one place I would archive my children’s development, the one place I wrote daily about our life was Facebook. This fact in combination with the fact that I really feel it is important to leave some kind of printed documentation for generations to come, led me to the idea behind MY 365 DASY IN PRINT.

I just had to find a way to get a nice printed journal based on my Facebook posts and pictures. For me, print still seems the most reliable form of preserving moments – who knows what will happen to Facebook, Instagram and other social media? Next to my fulltime job as a product manager and family life I started building a team that would help me create MY 365 DAYS IN PRINT.

Like most, I have dreams that I want to and will make come true, but it is also very important to me to make it possible for others to have and fulfill dreams. 1€ of each journal sold is donated to a charity supporting education like building schools and supplying school materials. This charity may vary from year to year, but it will always support someone else's 365 days. Everybody should be able to learn to read and write. Since we are making journals, I find it appropriate that we share the responsibility of making it possible for others to keep their journal, so their story can be saved.     

I wanted the journal to be elegant and timeless. I feel that has been accomplished. I truly hope you like the idea, and that you order your own 365 Days In Print. If you do, I thank you for saving your story and for contributing to helping others write and save theirs.

- Pia  
Founder & CEO
Helsinki 25th of January 2014 

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